You Saw Me Tomorrow

audio-visual interactive performance

concept: MASH
audio: Magnus Alexanderson
visual: Sachiko Hayashi
max-jitter programming: Sachiko Hayashi

thanks: USF, BEK, Åke Parmerud, Maia Urstad, Lars-Ove Toft



In "You Saw Me Tomorrow" Sachiko performs what she calls "WiiSight", a real-time moving image improvisation technique she has developed using Nintendo Wii remote controller and Apple's webcam iSight. All visual information in "WiiSight" is taken live through built-in iSight on her laptop and processed live via Max/Jitter. No recorded material is used in "WiiSight". The combination of "live video" and "remote controller" creates a true junction between real-time physical movements and visual manipulation in a live performance, where the two elements invoke, affect and merge in a confluence.

To Sachiko's "WiiSight" visual improvisation, Magnus creates EAM soundscape based on a loop technique with pre-composed sounds. The structure of the soundscape creation in real-time in relation to the "WiiSight" visual will be the focus of his performance.

"WiiSight" was developed in 2010 at USF in Bergen, where Sachiko was an artist-in-residence during the autumn.


Test Run of WiiSight (2010) from Sachiko Hayashi on Vimeo.

shown at:

Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

Konsert Huset, Västerås, Sweden, 2011

Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden, 2011

Landmark, Ny Musikk in collaboration with BEK, Bergen, Norway, 2011

Cabaret Voltage/ELMCIP at Karlskrona Konsthall, 2011

Critically Making the Internet of Things at HUMlab Umeň University, 2011

Galleri Kronan, Norrköping, 2011

Motala Konsthall, 2011

Kulturnatt, Norrköping, 2012